Friday, March 30, 2007


to write LOVE on her arms

a year ago, a guy named jamie wrote a story. a story of love and compassion towards someone that didn't know what love was. it's been a year since the story was written and the story and it's impact has grown to unbelievable heights. the story was of a girl named renee who was battling depression and addiction and also dealt with cutting. (to read the story go to all it took was some shirts and LOVE. i felt for this organization the minute i read the story. they believe in LOVE and that LOVE is the movement. they're on tour and are going around with Anberlin, Bayside, Meg & Dia, and Jonzetta, and all they are doing is showing LOVE. they're not pressuring people, not pushing a product, nor denying anyone. LOVE is what they're doing. GOD is LOVE and they're are showing GOD through their LOVE. a year ago LOVE became the movement and it is the movement.

check them out, read the story, and decide if you want to join in.


the sammy carmike trio played CSU's talent show last night. we didn't win, but we won over a crowd we never thought we would. it goes to show, funny is colorblind.