Sunday, January 28, 2007

alright aaron!

this is why i have not been posting...




here's something...
Things I wish:

I wish I wouldn't stress out so much.
I wish I would be more confident in my acting.
I wish I could live up to peoples expectations.
I wish I didn't wish my last wish.
I wish I was a little more prepared for Radical Renewal in a couple weeks.
I wish I had more time to sleep.
I wish I had more time to post, AARON!

(last one's a joke)

Jim, out!

Monday, January 8, 2007


this morning i woke up early and actually set out a time for me and God. i didn't really know what to start reading, so i read ephesians 4:1-6. didn't really understand it, not gonna lie, but i read it in my message bible and it was clearer. basically get off your butt and live a life worhty of your calling. that hit me deep, so i'm trying to do that, pray for me. i found myself pacing afterwards... i don't know whatwrong with me.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

back to the world

so, the world is about to start again and i am not excited about it. classes start on monday and i am currently stuck in my dorm with no car because it decided to overheat when i was on my way down. i love my parents, i don't say that enough, so here it is again. i love my parents. not only did my dad drive me back down to school on his day off, but the will be making the trip again to bring my truck down here tomorrow! so, i love my parents. classes start which means my theatre classes will be moving downtown which is exciting because i'll get the chance to break in a new theatre, but my show (THE GRAVDIGGER'S TANGO, SHOWING IN THE CSU THEATRE ON CAMPUS ON FEBRUARY 1ST THROUGH THE 4TH) will not be in the new theatre. this also means i have to get to work and memorize my lines and do my character analysis, so that's on my plate. and while i'm whining, God's really pulling on my heart to love Him more, which isn't easy. so that's a little update on me now and also what's to come!


Thursday, January 4, 2007

passion 07

well, i just got back from passion this year and i would love to tell you that i had the best time of my life... (and now for the ever-present) BUT! it started out amazingly, i thought this week would be awesome, charlie hall (not my favorite, but that's not what worship's about) sang marvelous light and i was pumped... we were going through Colossians which is great, and things were still going great until i heard Francis Chan talk about loving God... i don't know how much or even if i do... if i truly loved the Lord why am i not doing anything for Him? why does my heart not break when there are millions of people that don't even have bibles in their own languages, when in Iraq there are 1 million people to every 1 missionary... 1 MILLION PEOPLE TO EVERY 1 MISSIONARY? what is that? why do i sit here and think everything is great, not reading and studying my bible, when brothers and sister in Christ including me are needing encouragment? this passion was ultimatley awesome, and not in the 2007 way of awesome, but i found myself standing in the awe of God's presence last night. there is something to be said for the Holy Spirit when He can move 25,000 college students to sponsering 14 college students in africa to go to college, paying for the translation of a bible for the 3 different people groups who don't have bibles in their langauge, drill 39 wells for countries in Africa, pay for 100 life changing surgeries for children in south amercia, send over 1,000 bibles to people in asia, have 150 students pledge to pray to spend a year in the freedom center in northern Iraq, and many, many other wonderful things. but that still doesn't answer the question - do I love God? the holy spirit did a lot of truly AWESOME things this week, but he also planted some pretty big questions in my head. Jesus died for everyone... chills up my spine... our work is not complete until His name and renown are known ALL OVER THE WORLD! ALL OVER THE WORLD! praise the Lord for he is good and has blessed me with FAR much more than i deserve. once again our job is NOT complete until God's wrath and love, Jesus' unbelievable sacrifice, and the Holy Spirit's mighty power are known ALL AROUND THE WORLD!