Saturday, January 6, 2007

back to the world

so, the world is about to start again and i am not excited about it. classes start on monday and i am currently stuck in my dorm with no car because it decided to overheat when i was on my way down. i love my parents, i don't say that enough, so here it is again. i love my parents. not only did my dad drive me back down to school on his day off, but the will be making the trip again to bring my truck down here tomorrow! so, i love my parents. classes start which means my theatre classes will be moving downtown which is exciting because i'll get the chance to break in a new theatre, but my show (THE GRAVDIGGER'S TANGO, SHOWING IN THE CSU THEATRE ON CAMPUS ON FEBRUARY 1ST THROUGH THE 4TH) will not be in the new theatre. this also means i have to get to work and memorize my lines and do my character analysis, so that's on my plate. and while i'm whining, God's really pulling on my heart to love Him more, which isn't easy. so that's a little update on me now and also what's to come!


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