Tuesday, November 27, 2007

September 13th, 2007

was the last time i posted anything. since then i have successfully closed a show and immediately opened another. this time i'm working backstage, taking on the role of the assisstant stage manager. so far it's been hurry up and do this so you can then sit for two hours. The Visit (the show i acted in) went really well, my friends got nominated for a scholarship and i'm really proud for them. now, i am busy working on a show called Fuddy Meers. it is so funny, a little vulgar at times, but then again what contemporary, comedic theatre now-a-days isn't? i also have a paper due in a week for my theatre history class, and i somehow swindled my way into writing it about a musician named Devendra Banhart (check him out, he's a ood folk artist). i am starting a new project with my friend Evan. we're writing songs and recording stuff, and seeing where it takes us. i know this is like the 18th band i'm in that i've blogged about, but i think i found someone who i enjoy playing music with and has the same drive and passion as i do. oh, and we need a name, so suggestions should follow.


oh, i'm going back home the next two weekends to lead worship at FPC, so pray for focus and that our worship would be His delight.