Monday, June 30, 2008

bad note

i kind of left you on one last time.

things are better.

i just want to say that my stomach was making so much noise just a few seconds ago that i had to turn on my music (currently playing Barabajagal by Donovan.)

some other things include:

1. me getting a "job" playing at Picasso's Pizza in downtown columbus. (nice gig, 4 hours of just me and my guitar gently weeping)
2. i've been reuniting with sunflower seeds. (i prefer ranch flavor, but regular is always a good choice.)
3. i cried a few nights ago and it was good. (i was watching Spring Awakening... i know, lame, but being a theatre major i kind of need to get in touch with my feelings every once and a while)
4. i like the swell season. (a ton)
5. i've been eating way to much bologna... (why is it spelled like that bo-lo-gna? not right. should be baloney)
6. i transcribed a guitar part for "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. (one of my favorite movies)
7. this list is actually pretty fulfilling seeing as it makes me actually think about things i do.
8. i miss writing poetry. (i had a stint a few months back where it was flowing)
9. i've been taking a lot of picture lately with my dad's old Olympus OM-1 camera and i like it. (my buddies who are in the band Small Reactions are hiring me as their photographer and actually are paying me [i think])
10. i've put those pictures around my room, and it feels like home now. (i moved from my apartment in Pooper [Cougar] Village into a house near a park [Lakebottom], and it's perfect)
11. (nothing entered)
12. i miss home home... the people mostly. (they know who i mean)
13. aaron is probably going to be the only one who reads this, if that, so hey... i miss you. (not in a gay way)
14. i need some suggestions on what to spend my money on from playing at this pizza place. (something musical, i.e. an instrument or whatnot)


that was fun.

maybe we'll keep this up.