Thursday, March 22, 2007

at the red light

is the name of my musical outlet... not funny stuff about mexican food making you explode, but real musical outlet. we have a song called "you gotta buy your friends" that sounds kinda like the hives-ish, alternative scratchy sounding and it will be awesome to play that one live. it's all about frats and sororities and buying your friends (clever i know). our next song is called "pop goes the weasle" and it's kinda late 60's beatles. it's all about just getting tired of the same old boring life, and the chorus is a four part harmony on an "ah," so good. and our next song, "yoknapatawpha county" (anyone get the reference), was written on a dreary day. it's very folksie and has a very low, beat down feel to it. jeremiah's grandad calls it our "slave song," and for lack of a better term it's stuck. we have yet to find our "sound," but i think we recently found it... one word... hyphenated twice... are you ready? ELECTRO-ALTERNA-POP! synths and stuff... so good. i'm currently saving up money to get an m-audio midi controller, so we can play live. i'm excited, we're gonna go places!


sammy carmike trio is making it's first live appearence tonight (3/22) at an open mic night!


Aaron said...

how was open mic night?

jimpharr. said...

SO good. we're going to book more shows, and have a CD release party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camille said...

i wanna come to th cd release if i can.

jimpharr. said...

i'll let you know when it is! that's exciting!