Wednesday, August 15, 2007


i've moved into my new apartment, and when i say new, i mean NEW. it still smells like caulking and the fridge actually keeps things cold! school has yet to start, and besides the fact that i have a pretty tough schedule, i think it's going to be fun. i'm taking a lot of theatre classes to (hopefully) hone my craft and make my way up the ladder in the department. speaking of which, auditions are thursday (tomorrow) and i just picked out a monologue, fun right? let's see how far I get without looking in the book.

"You want to know how low I've sunk? I didn't even speak to Edith. I made a phone call pretending to talk to her to scare the Edith and Karen in my head out of here... I tricked myself, i fell for it... the thing about going crazy is that it makes you incredibly smart, in a dumb sort of way. But I do feel like I'm loosing a grip on my life. As if I'm spiraling downward in diminishing circles like water being drained from a bathtub and sudden;y my big toe gets sucked in and I'm left screaming for my life... No. Not my life, my mother. Why, tell me why is it always your mother? It's never your father or your uncle or your second cousin from Detroit..."

there's more, but i don't know it quite yet. i don't even think the part i wrote down is correct, so a little prayer for some focus would be nice. other than that i guess some prayer that i could get back into the sming of things would be helpful as well.

that's it for now, hopefully i'll start posting more regularly.


some bands to listen to:

The Thrills
Zero 7
Elliott Smith
Fionn Regan

you will love those musician.

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