Friday, June 1, 2007


so i'm back home for summer after the easiest hard class i have ever had to take. i say easy/hard because we had a crap load of work to do, but it was only for three weeks. i am so glad i got to take it now instead of later. i am still, however, one credit hour short of being a sophmore, lucky me right? oh well... i got my deposit back from campus housing and what else would i do with that money but buy music? i bought Dreamboat Annie - Heart and it is mindblowing. Ann Wilson sings like an angel. i also got The Village Sessions - John Mayer. it's not bad, it's acoustic, new John Mayer. also got me some E.L.O. (Electric Light Orchestra for the n00bz), and i'm SIKED about it. well, i like music.


new Michael Bublè... get it.

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